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tion of a cathartic, will prevent injury in casting the larger
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not the very best, has been omitted from the scheme.
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explanation, namely, that the hemorrhage occurs first, and the membranes
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of a morbid state of the brain, by establishing in it irritation; con-
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or other, been exposed to the contagion. Why is this ?
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Treatment. The great aim of treatment in mitral obstruction must
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Certain it is that there are well-defined conditions and
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The Treatment should be directed towards the removal
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cal substance which passes through them as the great excretory organs of waste
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tion of the line of demarcation is waited for; the af-
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the fever. On the other hand, in grave cases in which cerebral symp-
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the very beginning in pleurisy we should guard well the patient's
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the powdered drug over the external lesion and giving it
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of Whitman's Foot Plate, and its Use in Paralytic Valgus."
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A Sanitary Convention. — The West has a petichant
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pulp. This variety is highly important as leading to certain grave acci-
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health, has been blind in the left eye for over one year,
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to leave and enter successive hosts. It is interesting, then, to
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When asked about the preferred geographical location for
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Of one hundred and twenty-four cases of tubercular meningitis that
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little higher in carbon dioxid — 10 to 30 volumes per 10,000. It is
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denial of the possibility of such an infection taking place.
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Contagious Diseases — Weekly Statement. — Report of
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