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continue for some length of time, the antiseptics used io wash the
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of the kidney structure Avill be removed when the capsule is torn off, leav-
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ment of the third week. The enlarged glands vary in size from that of
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into the substance of organs, are liable to occur. The most serious of
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stages of acute lobar and acute lobular pneumonia are as follows : acute
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daily in the open air, and all mental and physical exertion should be avoided.
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naturally containing it — stomach, intestine, lung, or oesophagus ; or to the
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tion. Some cases of cure by operation for epilepsy are reported in the
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who have had most extended opportunities for testing its nutritive qualities
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rounded, smooth, lobulated tumors of dense consistency. They some-
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The blood flow to the nerve centers may be increased by securing
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the use of astringents, either by enemata or by the mouth, as it is not
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ing of the preceding day. Again, at midnight it begins to fall, and by
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almost unbearable and causes the patient to scratch himself, thus causing
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marks the place where the abscess approached the surface, and within its
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cachexia, the causes which i^roduce it are so often continuous that they are
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into fibrous tissue, all traces of the normal lung-tissue being obliterated..
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mucous glands being arrested, is soon coated with mucus which contains
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serious disease. It is undoubtedly a more serious affection when it occurs
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degeneration. It is rare before thirty-five, and is met with in men oftener
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innominate artery, an incision should be made alono- the lower one-
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elements of the diseased surface. Pus formations and gangrene may result.
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bone. Suppuration and abscess may follow, and the cartilages and
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also is the presence of casts and albumen in the urine. Eetention of urine
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They occur more frequently in women in middle life, and seem To be
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there is swelling of the alveolar walls, dilatation and tortuosity of the
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Sidu/iral Treahnent of Thormic Aneurism. — Thoracic aneurism seldom
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ease. The condition of high pressure is almost constantly present in old
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Tissues which have undergone calcareous degeneration are rendered hard
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complications, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, ])ulmonary tubercle, acute
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disturbance of the digestive organs in these advanced cases ; the disturbance
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ening varying from a few lines to half an inch ; it is more or less firmly
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tating and will stain the skin or tissues, but yet it is useful in the
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mation of fibrous tissue, limiting the diffusion of the blood by a distinct
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It may also be mistaken for tlioracic aneurism and iov plitliisis. The his-
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constipation. Loss in tho contractile power of tiic abdominal muscles from
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Against these conditions cathartics and diuretics are powerless.
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drugs which cause haematuria, e. g., turpentine, cubebs, copaiba, canthar-
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Morbid Anatomy. — I shall only briefly consider the morbid anatomy of
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