omentum. Abdominal aortitis may also show some resemblance to
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humours and derangements is the object of o n study and to
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above alluded to and this surgeon has shown clearly
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when the dissolution of the starch takes place. The gastric
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of the skull and to be an inch and a quarter in extent.
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system. He regards the process as not an ordinary vaso motor disturbance
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The h fsical signs are not alway.s typical. In typical cases there are
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death should be observed and reported upon to us. Lists of negroes
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rich diet from which it was concluded that the urea represented mainly
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tions which appeared in these vessels under the action of
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claimed for them cannot be gainsaid and that some are
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patient s eyes should be kept closed and the sound should
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deprecated repeated fines and imprisonments which still left
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an explanation of the theory of heredity. But it matters not if
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places shall be liable to a fine of fr jm one to five
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free from particles of food or other foreign matter select
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hibits them. Particularly it is the upper splanchnics we wish to reach
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Page. Berkshire District Medical Society Officers Presi
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at a medical school. For its Fellowship the College of


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