have been planned. Greatly reduced railroad rates have
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till the sixth month, when the same itching returned. This time
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13. Evans, H. M., Bowman, F. B., and Winternitz, M. C, /. Exp. Med., 1914,
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the wound at a given time. It should be noticed that the best ap-
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ducts and hair follicles. Tbe serum is soon absorbed and the more solid
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In all tests a microscopic examination with the dark-field illuminator
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obtain spirochetes on puncture in syphilitic rabbits. Rabbit 27
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from long continued — nearly incessant — pain in
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soon follows its administration, and the delirium gradually subsides with-
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globulin, when tested in various concentrations was found also to be
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weight, had slight macroscopic changes, and microscopically were found to be
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At the beginning of the experiment the hypertrophy characteristic of
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returns in numbers numberless, all moving in ranks like soldiers
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apparently consists of two elements, which he designates as a- and /3-agglutinogen.
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have the least knowledge of their work — the rea-
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freed from a possible hidden cause, and the clothing carefully inspected
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The proliferation of the cells was pronounced in all cases, although
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lymphatic glands swollen; typical pigeon chest; right lung very weak in respiratory
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syrup, or about 46 cents a dozen, as against $1.90 a
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cases lasting for two or three months. Eelapses frequently occur dur-
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has the different action upon cell structure of various external factors
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suggestions made by the President. Doctors J. (" Ken-
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Lead poisoning, chronic, differential diagnosis, 1082.
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at Baltimore, in pursuits which had over-exercised his eyes, but this
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^Notwithstanding the severity of the disease, consciousness and intelli-


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