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of a small orange, Avith prominence of the left maxillary bone,
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The section shows much manipulative disturbance of cerebellar tissue ; the meninges present
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grams in conjunction with the MSMA Annual Convention.
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Aqua Fortis. Double aqua fortis is nitric acid of 1*36 specific
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of his cases. The advantage, therefore, of seeking for
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which is still a matter of dispute ; but it is probably pro-
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The comprehensive paper of Dr Handerson reviewing the
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free perspiration; (4) sex, owing to the more frequent exposure of men while
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ing measure. The modern interest in obesity dates in a
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Case II. — Effusion in the left chest and in the abdomen, with chronic
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trophies, or it may be more correct to say enlarges, it
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in January, 1882, an abscess formed below the gluteus maximus. On opening it it was
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assure the patient it could not be the fault of the
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sionally with impairment of the excretion of phenolsulphonephthalein.
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from thirty to forty-five grains a day since the opera-
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am sure it is the fact in the genial climate of the South. From Prof.
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alveoli necrosed, and, if the patient Uve sufficiently long, the teeth uid
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Large hemorrhages, however, are rarely fatal (3 to 4 per cent., Lebert).
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but it is very probable that this ratio may be changed under pathologic conditions.
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Dr. F. J. Vollmer was recently elected president of
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Morgan, D. S , assistant surgeon, promoted to the rank of lieuten-
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wall of the sac within these diverticulums complicate
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mournful and shocking character of its incidents, the one at
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maidismus— that is to say, a disease in some way caused by the ingestion of
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its details, was a success and gave satisfaction to
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over morphine, especially in cases with head symptoms.
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pass off in a few hours. The peculiar forms of poisons which pro-
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easily compressible, indicating a great diminution of arterial tone, w^hile
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Alcoholism in Mexico- — According to an exchange, which from
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abscesses and pus-formations with the red sulphuret of arsenic.
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12.30 A.M, — Child can be aroused, respirations about 28
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diabetic patient taking salol, a refraction to the left of 0'3 to 0*5
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serve to distinguish tubercular lesions from all others. Thus Lebert many
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illustrations in black, cloth, $6; leather, $7; colored, cloth, $7 ; leather, $8. Phila-
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sac had commenced before she came under observation. The other two
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