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regards the application of the new titles to retired officers it is nowhere

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do at the annual meeting at Newcastle by resolution. The

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Here, as elsewhere, prophylaxis is so important, by the employ-

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remedies patented after the passing of the Pharmacy Act.

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balance. In these cases the glycosuria lasts usually a few hours only,

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patient should always take much the same meal as that of 10 A. ic.

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pleurisy, and so treated; but pleurodynia is not accompanied with

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that the system of marking had been altered, so that

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to 20 mm. in diameter, and are present in almost all the nerve-cells in

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domain of the capillaries, causing wide^read obliteration, a change

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the patient on his back and the legs drawn up. The commonest of

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may be quite sufficient, along with absolute rest in bed and temporary

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The thini class of neuralgic pains are the non-toxic. They some-

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lem was subsequently solved by an attack of severe appendicitis.

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ing. In the first two pages were 17 or IS prescriptions, all of


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