He will accept no excuses for incompetency, and to his
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ton. He retains his residence and practice in Melrose.
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little practical interest." Thus he asserts that all pathological
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viser and medical examiner for most of the life insurance companies
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sufferings, his losses, and his wrongs. If he was struck upon any
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Ohio, September lo, 1839. He received his literary educa-
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the New York County Medical Society. He was an ingenious in-
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Worcester, Massachusetts, and they reside at No. 121 West Fifty-fifth
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concomitants, any and all possible general or constitutional
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Special instruments are not necessary for the extraction
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thousand dollars from one person, also smaller gifts from others.
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nature and the created, become (illed with the realization
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and over-strain of civilization fall easy victims to all forms of
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As the bone, in the tangential contact that precedes the
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jective symptoms are stiffness and pain in the joints, the pain being ag-


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