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dition. During a recent visit to the institution we were

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dusted with iodoform. The soft parts are replaced the meatus is plugged

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cells both in the cortical and subcortical tissue. The atrophic process was

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occurs from a gradual sinking of the vital powers the sphincters are

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contracture but the muscles of the face and neck may likewise share in

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by the diflTerence in the behavior of the intestines. The

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dative asthenopia. But an error of refraction is not at

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tory in detail and contains some helpful illustrations.

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according to Bonhoeffer. As the patients improve there are periods

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catarrhal fever it is very benign and never complicated with

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food will agree in nearly all cases even when the child s digestion

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sema. On the other hand when the bronchial affection reaches an extreme

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one hundred and fifty lines twenty four are devoted to

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nisme et syphilis maligne d but de la syphilis par un

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under the fifth heading does not come under the head

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striction is conducive to gangrene of the portion of the limb thus

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all the symptoms of a congenital cardiac defect will arise.

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SYN. Fitiligo Acquired achroma Piebald skin White leprosy.

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of weakness and palpitation of the heart on the.slightest exer

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the human body. He supplied the latter with drawings for

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solution of Marchand s peroxide of hydrogen medicinal instead

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and in obtaining an attenuated virus which produces

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the mother strain is more potent than the father strain. Individuals

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on this curious fact and impressed with the importance of calling atten


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