can do so in the original language, and that publishers have
amantadine brand name
announced ''an artificial milk,'' prepared according to a for-
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restless, greatly emaciated &c. My attending physician had given me up long be-
amantadine brand name in pakistan
amantadine brand name india
to their welfare by giving them just compensation for their toils, and re-
amantadine hcl for dogs
the sides of thine house, the children as olive plants around about thy table, the
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tongue protruded beyond the gums. Pingers closely contracted, and
amantadine generic and trade name
The number of cases of insanity arising from domestic afflictions are reported at
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amantadine for dogs dose
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or K : 0.062, which figures contradicted absolutely the above,
amantadine hydrochloride uses
amantadine hcl drug card
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of the term, exhibited in the cerebral hemispheres ; and, in gene-
combined paracetamol and amantadine hydrochloride tablets
per se have but limited significance. The output of water and
amantadine dosage forms
Frederick Allen demonstrated that food restriction could be
amantadine dose for cats
The toUl mortality among the civil population-— estimated in
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of the knee all proved &tal. Of the 9 operations on the joints of
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of death. " For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return." — Gen. iii. 19. But
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These movements could for a time be partially controlled by placing
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amantadine and ranitadine
materials for a history of this poison does not seem to have
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operation has been performed on purely theoretical grounds.
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the wisdom of this secretion could not be determined. But now we see its impor-
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application of trials with success and failure attending them.
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nseum; in another (an important practical hint), it became
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and if to this solution a little nitric acid be added it assumes a blue
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ment at Ouy^s Hospital. He treats of rare cutaneous affections,
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The dress of the modern Arab corresponds very nearly to that worn in ancient
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hands. You had much better waste a few articles of food, than to eat them and then
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needle and edge-tool and gun-barrel grinders ; next those who inhale animal or
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AxT. 11. — Circular No. 6, War Department Sorgeon-G^eneral's Office,
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nature, he has operated on subjects when they have barely
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any manipulation to which the artificial development of these
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that season it is far less dreaded than in the spring — ^its time
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