teins. At this period when uric acid excretion is at its
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that a tri cotmty sanatorium can be much more economically
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processes recommended by Sir Astley Cooper. oMore modern
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ployed it has its own special arrangement for the pur
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and surgical reports are deserving of the greatest censure.
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before eating. In these industries ihe workmen s tfcth should fre
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rather over extended at the metacarpo phalangeal joints
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and concluded that lupus erythematosus could not be a local disease
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ble and may resemble closely an ordinary hypertrophied
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In those epidemics of scarlet fever which have been traced
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thw WBT tbe Hcdial DeptitBwm faeet grestnt deminil thnt Ins
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to be drawn off by catheter for patients with pelvic peritonitis
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however not complete but affects mainly the posterior crico
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Dr. Jakeman Is not this motion merely a recommendation to
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It is important here to bear in mind the general prog
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upon the subject seems to the writer to better describe
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branes is not infrequently attended with a sero fibrinous in
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the professional conditions are in all countries. The Vienna pro
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A strong decoction of the root and leaves sweetened
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the worm comes into contact with an ulcer perforation into the abdomi
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origin to other so called cold abscesses occurring in con
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tation of the heart greatly accelerated action of that organ and some
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sentery of sucklings and dysentery of full grown animals.
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generally thoughl to be the inhalation of the fumes of
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adhesions. Owing to enlargement of organs and pressure the
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that I have read hundreds of works of travellers among them and
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ine thoroughly every accessible part or organ by inspection palpa
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informed consent from patients for diagnostic and thera


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