by a wide and unbridged gulf from that of material processes.

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haematosis ; the complexion inclines to sallow, the

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in his first case, considered the disease a neurosis of a chronic, progressive,

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Frothing at mouth ceased ; pupils dilated, anxious to crawl off into some

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foundation of the New Surgery builded better than he knew. He not

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ally the effusion consists of serous fluid, which is at length spon-

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in 1815, and became a full fledged doctor at the age of nineteen

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Condemns the Bongie ; Commends Barnes's Bag. — Dr.

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Helena are reporting to the Marine-Hospital Service a

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and therefore the most elaborated — important additions have been

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are present.- The old woman was pained by this reply especially

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hemorrhage; and I have seen it used in some few cases of the

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of gasoline poisoning, as the following case will show :

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is involved they are lost. The paralyzed muscles are flabby,

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tility is preserved. The temperature in liemiplegia becomes less on the

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pigment in the blood, and he held that they had come there from the

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been so, Madeleine Smith — the case referred to by the author in con-

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which have a pale tint in the aggregate, absorbing little-

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advanced for tliem ; some of the most marked have been

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supinator longus and brachialis anticus happened to be

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AVe have said enough to show the nature of the work,

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are proportioned to the extent of the disease, but they

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water, if he be feverish ; if however, he be not, give

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into the pharynx. The eighth and ninth cranial nerves were not affected. Although

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centa before, he asked me to see the placenta. It was all in pieces. I

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the beginning of febrile diseases; rarely in the later stages. It is most

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hernial wound. He finally began to expectorate the material mentioned,

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of the medulla. There may even be punctate haemorrhages and the

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which there was any marked degree of atrophy. It is quite possible that

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where he died, as had been said, from poliomyelitis, verified post mortem.

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extracorporeal circulation in 23, The surgical, staff of this Institute was

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names, which give no clear idea of their composition and the

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delay, the severity of the labor-jniins, and the restless-

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teguments of his forehead, which, by irritating the branches

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preferable. When it was necessary to use the osteoclast,

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the reader is informed, on one page, "of the limbs;

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of this affection. In all three cases the disease began

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xxiv, 55-65. — Watlsworlli ((). F.) Au adenoma of the

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in earliest life and give some data for comparisons.

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quent biliousness" before her attack. In aesthetic had been given,


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