was to offer one half the entrance salary, they would

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R. H. Michels, J. L. Neilson, M. W. Baker, R. Shaw,

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Willis and the vertebrals, showed a high degree of arterio-

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Increase with reluctance; one half a grain of opium by rec-

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ect of nmch concern for him after 1880, and largely

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In other words, the cases were of a less grave nature.

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Bart., K.C.V.O., C.B., LL.D., F.R.C.S. New Edition, Re-

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lar belly which was .some 6 or 7 cm. from the distal end

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should be an object lesson to those in authority in

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some fault in the method of those who do not succeed

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Jeffries, who was to have rendered us this service, is

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Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical

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see you. I have some startling and good news for you.

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dwindle. I value it exceedingly; but. at the same time, am of

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exe-ise-d pe)rtie)n. The; e)pe-ratie)n pre)ve'el the; weirth of

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ture to quote further from a letter dated April 22 :

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paralysed. The patient was otherwise appai'ently in

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tion: ' With the patient placed in the position de-

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sequence of the cortical poisoning and the epileptic

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ria, this scourge of an invasive and militant civili-

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Eoom, and will give information respecting Pl-ivate

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childi-eu has prevailed in Germany, which was previ-

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markets, from time to time, from the surrounding coun-

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Of stains of fresh cat's, dog's, human and rabbit's blood

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E{., rain; T., threatening; N., snow; — .belowzero. t Indicates trace


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