large in the unimpregnated state, and in fact the muscular fibers
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of melancholia and hemiplegia caused in this way which ended
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place, and the connection hetween the living and the dead tissues is
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until they are followed by the expectoration of a little mucous
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instituted. At this age uninhibited sexual impulses are likely to
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per condition as regards temperature, moisture, etc. ; but as the results,
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With a forcible expiration, as in coughing, its ascent is con-
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cases there will occur adhesions and future trouble following
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65. Pelz: Case presented before Verein ftir wissenschafdiche Heilkunde im
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gestion and inflammation ? As they have a fine organi-
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bv a degree of cold not too intense. But such frozen or-
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carry the poisons of erysipelas, puerperal fever, or scarlatina
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interrupt the epileptic habit. The omission of the bromides for
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cess was initiated. The osteopath seeks a point of stimu-
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incoordination of respii'atory movements sometimes shows itself in an
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product give-aways and nominal cost sales of tobacco are also
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of it by such organizations. It will be to a large extent
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Dr Bedford Fenwick has collected forty-six cases, the majority of which
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tion, as it is not commanded by the will, and often resists the
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action steady, which it does in small doses, usually slow return to normal. I find no
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in a hospital without success. After the second injection


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