those revealed by the ophthalmoscope. With the cessa
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course much as though ileosigmoidostomy had not been done.
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administration of a reprimand for doing work improperly or a mill
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slight elevation of temperature secondary anemia de
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in the urine altered the relation gt ctween the rate of
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spotted with black externally of the same colour with the
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subjects have the ability to perform delicate move
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researches have proved that the Bacillus coli and its toxine cause hypo
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in the blood urine and sweat as also in the saliva tears and
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No. I. Some time in August I was called to see two black
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January. The nionthly number of admissions for all causes was highest in
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gunshot grape and small fragments of shell are usually more
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back when it arises from the posterior portion of the
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resort to them. At sach times those least objectionable are to be selected.
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tion is not dependent upon synchronous changes in the arterial blood
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prison took by mistake a tablespoonful of a reliable
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none was directed upon the seat of operation. The in
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exclusive of the single joints which had been voided in vast
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A point here is worthy of attention. Preparatory to such an opera
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Uooof tbe people. By tbe origlaal Metropolitan Buildings Act whicli
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Attention to a few general principles in regard to the temperatures at
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and lack of faith and we the people think that our physician
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hesions from the pericardium to the heart muscle are not infre
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surely be reached. I firmly believe that the veterinarians lo
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fonucd teeth and altogether small they might be used for
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ster. Numerous theories and ingenious speculations arose
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same thing is observed as regards alcohol. In the experiments
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the other of the wound hence is known as the uninter
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covered very soon. In this country we are not so loose
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preservative against mortification of any thing I have
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