dered phenolphthalein alone is not a sufficient criterion of the reac
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awakens the formation of red cells in the bone marrow is absent or
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haven for troubles and encouragement which he bore and
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the urine becomes scanty in proportion to the degree of venous conges
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more or less serious local mischief. Every medical man is cognizant
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of grouping all severe infantile diarrhosas under the
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abscesses on the head and neck and especially about the eyes. If these
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kinds of bacteria that the distinction of lobar and lobular pneu
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Attention to a few general principles in regard to the temperatures at
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ment of the anaesthetist as well as the patient and observe
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thankful to say that doctors had had very little to do
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severe palpitation and rush of blood. Is faint after the attack
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The Queen s College has reopened after a brief Christmas vacation.
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fever delirium and diarrhoea and although the onset may be strik
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had ceased and the disease had disappeared. Up to the time that
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when he was sufficiently recovered to enable him to move I
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parts of the body. Dr. Thacher then recited a list of
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medullar and cerebellum were involved directly as by
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less fluid so that the air that is breathed cannot freely mingle
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Dr. Robert Barnes read before the Medico Chirurgical Society of London May
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against the profession has here its foundation. hardness.
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and it is true that there is an extremely high pro
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mass which when incised gave issue to a large amount of cloudy
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agglutination in low dilutions and showed reaction in dilu
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During the winter months we had rather more than our usual
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ular structure and the submucous layer sometimes resulting in enormous
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Pearce of toxaemia septicaemia and pyaemia Poynton of acute rheu
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occasionally in University College the same material is
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Up to date I have performed in Eurnpe a hundred and thirty five
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showed that this superacidity appeared to depend upon an increased irrita
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disappear and reappear from time to time but in some cases such as
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Lock Hospital the childbed mortality was very small. Dr. Denham
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were examined and the defendant physicians names re
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in breadth of a deep black in the middle the colour of


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