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writes : " It is the cause of deep regret to his colleagues and

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patient cough, which, by removing the bronchial secretions, changes the

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connected with the liver. Accompanying the tiunor was intense

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Points in the Etiology and Treatment of Ringworm. Dr. Judson S. Bury

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discovered, the patch of hair was white. She relates a story of her

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kuren'), which the translator understood to be synonymous

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tioned. Sir William Broadbent has recorded a case where the ad-

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while the pressure is much better prevented by the soft uniform pro-

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should be burned, and not thrown down the water-closet, because the

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are very commonly due to constitutional or hereditary tendencies.

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occurs both preceding and following the ai^)earance of purpuric spots;

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some influence ill Fecuiing the more general eii'ploynietit of

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but does occur sometimes accompanied by purulent exudation. A

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condemned the use of a hearty meat diet in that disease and excluded

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arranging a substitute for bread. Of the gluten foods many are very

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At the annual meeting of the Clinical Society, which was

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pensing and selling poisons, and there is every renson that

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still remains the same as at the beginning, that so soon as the tempera-

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bration (Sir George Paget") who throughout his long, active,

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the Tartars use a lichen called kefir for the same purpose. This proc-

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spoken sounds, but is sensible to the occurrence of a very loud noise,

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Affections of the nerves are more frequent and important. Pain is

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sess a more certain intestinal antiseptic than a mercurial cathartic,

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The patient is never pot-beUied, but tub sh24)ed. As I have always

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I hesitate to place the definition at the head of this treatise for the

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(2) The Removal in Sequence of Eight Polypi from the Body of the Uterus

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After many clinical facts bearing upon the relation between pan-

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bid manifestations. We know, however, cases of cure of

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Preventive medicine may be most important to the healthy

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Haoitain, F. W. H., M.B. The Constaut Current in Uterine Di.sease

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present, and is remarkable for lowering the febrile temperature in the

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measured by experience. The makers are Messrs; Lilley and

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tended this concert wearing a dress of a light woollen fabric.

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iridectomy. He also referred to the danger to the cornea of

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have permitted them to do so-although one of the number had small-

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